Nieuws Slotrace
  • 13 december 2019
  • By Slot-redactie

Corvette C7R | NSR

NSR Corvette C7R - ADAC GT Masters 2017 #77 Motor AW: King Evo3 21.400 tpmMotor SW: Shark 25.000 tpm Gewicht body: 21,5 gram {gallery}2019/december/NSR_Corvette{/gallery} Bron: NSR...

Nieuws Rijden RC
  • 13 december 2019
  • By RC-redactie

22X-4 Race Kit | Team Losi Racing

TLR 22X-4 Race Kit 1:10 TLR customers have been asking for it and now it's finally here! 40 years in the making, the all-new Team Losi Racing 22X-4™ Race Kit is the shaft driven 4WD buggy racers...