Razor Touring Car Body | AEROX

AEROX Razor Body 1:10 Touring Light 190mm

The Aerox RAZOR is a high downforce 1/10th Touring Car body designed with ultimate performance in mind.

2 Years in development with a leading F1 Aerodynamicist.

- Ultimate Aerodynamic Efficiency.

- Designed in association with a leading F1 Aerodynamicist.

- State of the art CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) analysis used to maximise down force and reduce drag.

- Maximised double front splitter that creates a pressure differential that provides front aerodynamic grip.

- Uniquely adjustable curved rear wing to adjust downforce, balance and drag (The purchase of an alternative wing is not required)

- Upturned leading edge on the wing allows airflow to remain attached, improving its efficiency. MORE downforce - LESS drag.

- The maximised length of the body improves 2 aspects;
1) More surface area for developing load i.e downforce and reducing lift.
2) Secondly drag reduction, the air passing over the body has to work less hard, deviating at a lower angle than normal, reducing drag and increasing speed.

- In short, Ultimate Aerodynamic Efficiency with the ability to tune balance all with one body and wing.

- Lightweight.

- BRCA and ROAR approved.

Supplied clear and unpainted.
Includes wing and mounting hardware.
Overspray film.
Lights and decal set.
Instruction sheet.




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