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We are currently working on a 1:8 scale nitro GT3 class based on the 1:8 nitro on-road chassis. The GT3 car uses front and rear differentials and rubber tires to create a different driving experience at about 90% of the performance level of the 1:8 nitro sportscar class. This new class should be easy and fun to drive and therefore will have very limited setup options. We expect to see some very exciting close racing in this new class. Release is planned for the 2017 VRC Worlds starting middle of November 2017.

We are working on an alternative race format with bump-up semi-finals. In short, after qualifying the top 1...4 will proceed directly to the main final, the other competitors will be split up in 2 to 6 semi-finals of 10 cars each from which the winners or first 2 will proceed to the Super Final. We are designing the new format in such a way that we are flexible in the number of direct main finalists and number of semi-finals. We expect that this new ‘bump-up’ format will inject strong enthusiasm into our online competitions and will have a long lasting effect for the VRC Pro platform. We plan to run a few test events in October and to have it fully implemented and ready to be used for the 2017 VRC Worlds for the first time.


The traditional 2017 VRC Worlds are just 6 weeks away, time to start preparing for the annual grand finale. The 2017 VRC Worlds will start on November 18th and will finish on December 31st, 6 weeks of action packed r/c racing excitement. All WC events will be using the bump-up event mode with 1 Super Final for the best 10 racers. The Spec classes will be raced first and will be raced in Club, Sport and Pro racer classes. The modified classes will be raced with all racer classes combined. We will introduce 3 new tracks:


Fuencarral, Spain for the 1:8 nitro and electric buggies and short course trucks


VRC Carpet 7 for the 1:10 and 1:12 electric on-road classes


RallyX 3, a new track for the popular RallyX class

The brand-new 1:8 nitro on-road GT3 class will be raced for the first time, with Cincinnatti as the track of choice. This new class will be raced in Club, Sport and Pro racer class. The other nitro on-road classes will have their Worlds on the famous Luxembourg track.

The tracks for the 3 Nascar truck classes will be announced at a later date. The 2017 VRC World events will be published early November.

This year there will be no free tracks. VRC members with an all-inclusive membership will automatically get access to the new tracks and cars, free2play members can purchase the new tracks and cars with vEuro credits. We suggest to get one of the all-inclusive memberships now and start preparing yourself for 6 action packed weeks of r/c racing.

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